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Production & Processing

The Company has Production and Processing facilities at Karimnagar, Armoor and Medchal in A.P State & Rudrapur in Uttarkhand & Jaipur in Rajasthan. In addition to these it also has production offices at Eluru & Kurnool in A.P. The company has established a most and modern and fully automatic processing unit at Kodakandla to meet increasing requirements.

Range of Seed Products

Plant breeding for sustainable agriculture, the company range of products includes seeds for the following crops Bajra (Pearl Millet), Cotton, Jute, Jowar (Sorghum), Mustard, Moong (Green Gram), Maize (Corn) , Sunflower, Sorghum Sudan Grass, Wheat.

Production of Foundation seeds and Breeder seeds, that testing and trials are also carried out as a part of the R & D effort. The company has a production / processing capacity of 20000 MTs. p.a. The capacity storage facilities include space for 12000 MTs. The company’s policy is to reduce the through part time from production / processing to selling and distribution to the shortest, to keep low inventory and consequently reduce carrying costs.

Research Activities

The R&D activity covers a group of food wheat, pulses (sorghum, pearl millet and maize) fat (sunflower and mustard), fibre (cotton and jute), crops. Maize and sorghum sudangrass were researched during Phase I (1984-92), pearl millet, sunflower, cotton were added during Phase II (1993-98). Hybrid and mustard were added during Phase III (1999 onwards). Now work is in progress for hybrid mustard and wheat.

Sales & Marketing

The company over the part 22 years, since its association with Pioneer Seeds has built up a very vast and strong distributor network. The Distribution Network covers fifteen States and innumerable districts in each State. This means it encompasses half the country of the size of a country as large India, spread over such distant geographical boundaries. There are over 187 Distributors and approximately 550 dealers. This network is managed by the Managing Director/Executive Director at the Apex and supported by General Manager at Head Office and efficient marketing and sales staff in the field.

The company has an established Brand Name ‘Ganga Kaveri’ it is not merely a trade name but a Trade trust.